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Returns Policy

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

Online purchases require flexibility and support. GonjabyGG.com understands that and wishes to create a satisfying and enjoyable shopping experience for you. Our policies were created to accommodate customers’ needs and address the specific nature of our merchandise.
If you cannot find the answer to your questions about our Return and Cancellation Policies on this page, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page for customer service assistance.

General Return and Cancellation Policies

General Return Policy

All returned items must be in brand-new condition, unused and with original tags and packaging.
If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you may be eligible for a return or exchange depending on your situation and the type of item you purchased. We reserve the right to charge a handling fee on all items returned for non-quality issues.
For products that are NOT Made to Measure: You may return your item by contacting Customer Service and requesting a return within 7 days of receiving your order.
If we shipped you an incorrect item: You have the option of 1) exchanging it for the correct item, or 2) returning it for a full refund. Customers must confirm their eligibility for an exchange or return with Customer Service before sending items back. In many cases, you have 7 days after receiving your order to contact Customer Service and request a return or exchange. Make sure to read the Made to Measure policies below for more details (when applicable) and exceptions.

If we shipped you an item in the wrong colour:

You are eligible for a full refund after Customer Service confirms you received the wrong color. Perceived colour differences due to the display settings of your computer monitor are not grounds for a refund.

If an item is missing from your order:

Contact Customer Service to inform us an item is missing from your order. When we have confirmed that an item was missing, we will offer a full refund of the item price or begin processing a new one for you.

If your package is lost during shipping:

Contact Customer Service to inform us you didn’t receive your package. Once we confirm with the courier that your package is lost, we will offer a refund or resend your items.

If we shipped you a defective or damaged item:

You are eligible for a full refund or exchange. When requesting your refund, please be ready to provide Customer Service with photographs clearly showing the problem with the item and its courier number as soon as possible. If you believe your item was damaged during shipping, Customer Service will need photographs showing the damaged packaging as well as “Proof of Damage” documentation to process your exchanging or refund. Alternatively, you can open the item in front of the delivery person and if you find that it was damaged during shipping, you can reject it. GonjabyGG.com will then ship you a new item immediately.
Beyond the general policies above, we have policies with further details that apply to Made to Measure items.

General Cancellation Policy

Many orders can be cancelled at no charge up until shipment. When your order ships, you’ll receive an email entitled “Shipment Notification for order #XXXXXXX with GonjabyGG.com.” Orders that have already shipped cannot be cancelled and will be treated as returns.
Exceptions: Due to the customized nature of Made to Measure items, we only allow cancellations within the time frames listed in the Made to Measure policies below. Beyond the time limits, restocking/processing fees may apply to cancellations of Made to Measure orders even if the order has not shipped. Please see the Made to Measure Return and Cancellation Policies for more details.
To cancel an order, please Sign in to My Orders, select the order you need help with, and request a cancellation.
For information on how to cancel an order, please see Requesting a Return or Cancellation below.
Made to measure Return and Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policy

We understand that ordering a dress for your special occasion is an important undertaking, and our cancellation policy was created with this in mind. However, it is important to note that once the creation process of a Made to Measure item has begun the materials cannot be reused. The good news is that after placing your order, there is still time to make up your mind. Please refer to our cancellation policy below for details.
• Orders cancelled before processing will be eligible for a full refund.
• Orders cancelled within 1-3 days after processing will be eligible for a partial refund of 50% product purchase price and full shipping cost.
• Orders cancelled after 3 days of processing and before delivery will be eligible for a full shipping cost refund. Product purchase price will not be eligible for refund.
• Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.

If you would like to cancel your order, please send e-mail to admin@ GonjabyGG.com to proceed

*When you receive an email from GonjabyGG.com titled “Order Processing Notification from GonjabyGG.com”, your payment has been confirmed and your order is processing.
Damaged or Miss-shipped Items: You are eligible for a refund of the full purchase price plus shipping costs for damaged or miss-shipped items. If you believe your items were damaged during delivery, you must first obtain “Proof of Damage” documentation from your delivery carrier.

Sizing or Fitting Issues:

As our Made to Measure dresses are hand-sewn and custom tailored, the finished gown may vary by approximately one (1) inch in either direction of the specified measurements. To ensure that your dress will still fit you perfectly, our tailors have created all our dresses with additional fabric in the seams to allow minor size modifications to be made easily.
Item is not the size you ordered: Should your dress size differ from the specifications of your order by more than one inch, we encourage you to find a local tailor to make adjustments, and we will gladly reimburse you for up to 100% of the product price in tailoring costs. If you choose this option, please remember to request a receipt from your tailor as a copy of it must be provided when requesting reimbursement.

Dress is the size you ordered but does not fit:

Dresses that do not fit properly but fit the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged. As our dresses are made with additional fabric in the seams, you can make minor adjustments at a local tailor, at your own cost.

Please note:

if your order specifications differ too greatly from the final sizing request, resizing may not be possible.

Colour Mismatch:

The settings of your computer screen may alter the colour of the pictures shown on GonjabyGG.com. Slight colour mismatches between the colour of your dress and the colour shown on screen may not mean that the dress is defective or miss-shipped. However, if you are confident that you have received the item in a wrong colour, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible.

Overdue Products:

If your order cannot be shipped by the time originally stated by more than 10 days, Customer Services will offer you the option of keeping or cancelling your order. Customers can choose to cancel the order and get a full refund
Dress is not the same as ordered: We promise to ensure that the similarity of every dress is as close as possible, and we will test quality very strictly before shipment, including the check of design similarity. If you still think the style is very different from the picture, please provide the detailed pictures to indicate the different places. If more than three places (refers to the style, design, but not including decoration and subtle places) do not conform to the actual picture, we will offer a full refund include the shipping fee.

Dress is the same one you ordered but you don’t like it:

We understand that you may choose a dress which doesn’t suit you, and the effect of wearing is different from your imagination. But we are very sorry to say that we can’t accept the unconditional return in this case, because each dress is custom sized according to the customer’s shape. Even if you return the dress intact, we cannot resell again.

Return Process

1) Send “Return Request” to Customer Service by e-mail admin@GonjabyGG.com within 7-14 days of your order received. Include an explanation and photographs documenting the reason for the return. Returns will not be accepted without prior approval from Customer Service.
2) Once Customer Service has approved your request, please send the item and the completed Product Return Form back to us as soon as possible.
3) Once received at our facility, your return will be processed within 3 to 5 business days. Once your return is confirmed and inspected, please allow up to 30 days for it to be credited to your account. Items returned in unacceptable condition will not be processed as refunds and cannot be shipped back to you.