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Gonja Haute Couture

If you want something unique that cannot be found anywhere, if you have your own ideas, style and taste that you want brought to life especially for you, if you want clothing not merely perfectly tailored to fit, but entirely designed, styled and fashioned to suit and compliment your own body and spirit, then book an appointment with Gonja haute couture.

Timeless Glamour

Gonja creates ultra feminine and elegant outfits. Clothes that represent sophistication and elegance which never go out of fashion.
Just as a painter creates art, communicating the same passion and style in fabric, she experiments with everything, and wants to show a softer and less traditional woman, always seeking the true style of every individual client.

“Fashion that goes, and fashion that stays, is like the difference between love and the spirit of love.” The dress is an icon, a place, a mirror that lives with the wearer. Gonca is using her unique talent in blending classic and traditional with the new and modern, while complementing her every customer.

Haute Couture gowns are all exclusive, handmade and individually priced. For more information please get in touch.